it has reached a point where i now consider 3:30am ‘not that late’, and ‘enough time to watch another episode’

it’s 3:22am and instead of sleeping i’m listening to my ipod and mouthing the words to songs like i’m in a music video.

i need to stop browsing random blogs that i don’t follow when i’m on my phone because on the app i can’t differentiate between people’s blogs and the dashboard, so i’m gonna end up reblogging something about 20 pages in, directly from someone i don’t follow, and looking like a creep.

Tune In, Tune Out

added some new posts today, plus some new choons in the sidebar :)


The Mysterious Phuture Doom Releases A New Song On #OWSLA, “Han Breaks” | #VoteOnWupH
♫ ♫

this whole EP is fucking insane.
i hope the mysterious set times i just found on twitter aren’t legit because wAH

lying wide awake at 1am with my alarm set for 7 but idc cos i’m getting the bus to LONDON TOMORROOWWWWW

messed around with html a lot today so now my blog looks a bit more like a real website 🎉😊

i also added a music player

mobile view still kinda sucks tho
i think i’ve taken more selfies this week than i have in my previous 20 years of existence.
20 years old and i still can’t resist taking a selfie when i get new clothes
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